April 9 was Unicorn Day

A fact that may have been lost on a lot of us this past weekend was that Saturday was in fact Unicorn Day. According to a 2018 article published on People.com, Unicorn Day falls on April 9 every single year. In that same article, it was suggested that unicorns were actually legitimately real, and the proof was found in fossil form.

For years, unicorns have been seen as nothing but mythical creatures, depicted as magical horse-like creatures with white hair covering their bodies and anywhere from rainbow to purplish-pinkish manes. And of course, their signature horn butting out from the center of their forehead.

The History of Unicorns

Instead, scientists believe they looked more like rhinos with a much more prominent horn jutting out from their skull.

 In that People.com article, it was originally believed by scientists that unicorns may have inhabited the earth over 350,000 years ago; however, the fossilized skull that was discovered in 2018 in Kazakhstan led scientists to pinpoint unicorns actually existed on earth about 29,000 years ago. The fossil also led scientists to realize what was pretty much almost common sense -- they didn't appear the way that they're often depicted in drawings, artwork, and even onesies made today. Instead, scientists believe they looked more like rhinos with a much more prominent horn jutting out from their skull.

Michael Kaval
Michael Kaval

This past Saturday, April 9, New Hampshire resident Michael Kaval was driving on Rt 9 in Somersworth, New Hampshire right near the intersection before Continental Restaurant & Bar, when he witnessed someone crossing the street in a unicorn onesie. Again, quite possibly a random outfit choice on any other day, but as mentioned from the referenced People.com article, April 9 was in fact Unicorn Day, which makes the outfit choice make sense.

It turns out the woman pictured crossing the street was identified by Granite Stater Adam Bates as his coworker from the Somersworth Home Depot, Berry. According to Adam, Berry is a massive fan of unicorns, hence her embracing the magical spirit on Unicorn Day.

And quite honestly, maybe we could all learn a lesson from Berry in celebrating the fact that sometimes, you just have to believe the magic/something magical is out there. In unicorn form or not.

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