We asked, and they answered! This summer you won't have to dodge any shady spots on the beach. 

Late last summer, it was brought to light after many complaints that Old Orchard Beach needs more bathrooms. Beach goers were using the beach as they personal toilet! So gross to imagine, but it is true. Both number 1 and 2. It was time to take action because frankly, no one wants to step in a pile of ______ at the beach.

According to WGME Channel 13, OOB councilors held a vote to get more toilets towards the beach, and it passed. The new 'facilities' will be in a trailer and will be at the corner of Union Ave and West Grand Ave. Once that one is installed and is successful they will choose another area to place another porcelain throne trailer. Now, some still complain that having a bathroom that far from the beach will not work. They believe there should be port-a-pottys at every entrance to the beach. Councilors disagreed on that, and the trailer will be installed for this summer. No exact date yet.

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Do you think this new bathroom trailer will help? Or, should more be done?

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