So this a real crappy situation in Old Orchard Beach and we need to talk about it. The news broke last week that tourists are choosing to forego the available public bathrooms in Old Orchard Beach and instead empty their bowels in parking lots, in the protected dunes, in the ocean, and literally anywhere else that isn't a toilet.

We know tourists can be savages, but this is a whole new low. Why would anyone choose to defecate in an open space when there are public bathrooms nearby? Turns out, that's actually part of the problem.

The public restrooms in Old Orchard Beach will actually charge you just to walk inside. And that's if you can find a bathroom in the first place! There are surprisingly few bathrooms within close distance from the beach itself, which can pose an issue for boogie boarders needing quick relief after a lunch of Bill's Pizza and Pier fries.

So here's the debate: Obviously Public Displays of Dookie are foul, disgusting, and awful, but are tourists kind of proving a point? Should Old Orchard Beach public bathrooms be free? Do we deserve free access to basic bathroom facilities as humans with digestive systems?

Should public bathrooms be free to use?

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