My dad once spent an embarrassing amount of time picking out an expensive hot sauce in San Francisco just to get it thrown away when going through TSA.

If a man can’t get away with flying with sweet chili sauce, then you absolutely can not bring throwing knives onto the aircraft.

According to an article in US News, a half-dozen throwing knives were seized by Portland International Jetport TSA when a passenger tried bringing them on the plane in their carry-on luggage here in Maine over the weekend.

The only excuse I can give the knife-owner is that there is never a line at the Portland airport so you just breeze through to TSA without getting a second to think about what you have on you. But they had to have known the knives were in there, they did pack their own bag I’m assuming.

I’ve heard jokes about pranking people by putting things in their luggage (cruel, sick jokes), but I’m sure we can all assume this was not the case and this person whole-heartedly thought they were going to get six throwing knives onto the aircraft.

And then what…? I don’t want to know.

Technically if you have a weapon of choice, you can throw it right into your checked luggage and get away with whatever, for the most part.

I’m a young woman, I definitely travel with some self-defense items but I know not to bring them to my window seat with me.

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