Poor Nate lost his bear and he has another 3-year-old to thank for finding his 'Daddy Bear'....


Nate and his mom were at the Maine Mall, but when they left, they realized they didn't have his Daddy Bear. It's a bear that is unique and made to hold the ashes of Nate's dad, who died just this past May in a car accident.

Nate and his mom were devastated and reached out through Facebook to try and find him.

It worked.

According to Kelsey (mom)

A man named CJ or Charles Moustrouphis and his 3-year-old daughter found him. I guess they were at the mall that day too and his daughter found him laying on the ground in the parking lot. It had started to rain and was getting darker out and she wanted to save him. CJ said he doesn’t usually let her pick stuff up off the ground but she really wanted to save it and he figured it would get ruined anyways. And then he saw all the news and posts about it last night and it looked like the same bear! He found me on Facebook and sent me a message.


That's so funny. I totally get the 'don't pick up stuff on the parking lot' routine. Thanks to CJ and especially his daughter who somehow knew she had to save this bear...


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