Today, the Black Lives Matter social media page reported that a noose was found at a popular Portland Speakeasy. The Speakeasy, known as Bramhall, has their Halloween decorations up, one of which is a noose hanging from the ceiling, amongst the cobwebs and skulls etc.

Now, as a black man, I can tell you the sight of a noose is offensive because of all the history that comes with it. However, growing up in New England most of my life, I can also understand that we come from a place that used to hang or burn people at just the mere thought of them being a witch.

This image was taken at Bramhall Bar in Portland, Maine. This is an image of a noose. This symbolize an act of...

Posted by Black Lives Matter Maine on Sunday, 18 October 2020

If you knew anything about herbal medicine, townspeople were definitely coming to burn your house down and hang you and see if you would fly just to prove that you are a witch; Nevertheless, we are in times where we must continually remind people that certain things are in poor taste to eradicate toxic behaviors.

Luckily the owners, once seeing the error of their ways, took the noose down, for which I applaud them. I, for one, would have been offended to see the noose. If I were Wiccan, I would be offended to see the noose. That being said, Black Lives Matter now wants Bramhall to apologize for hanging the noose in the first place. Do you think an apology is owed, or was a simple acknowledgment of wrongdoing and taking the news down enough? What are your thoughts?

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