Deer Isle, Maine is a small coastal town/island in Hancock County. Last night, on Juneteenth, Mina Mattes shared a disturbing photo on Facebook.

Against the sunset was a stark contrast of a noose thrown up on a powerline on the holiday that celebrates the emancipation of slaves and specifically the date that the last of the slaves were freed in 1865.

Mattes notes that there was "a huge white lives matter sign" nearby and that some black lives matter signs had been vandalized and torn down earlier in the day.

It's a reminder that even in quiet picturesque Maine, where the troubles of the world can often appear far away, they're not.

It's not known at this time who is responsible for the noose.

According to comments on the Facebook photo, this morning the noose was taken down by local resident and certified arborist, Jason Lepper.

There also appears to be a protest planned for Deer Isle Village at 2pm on Sunday.

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