For the past 24 hours, I haven't been able to hear out of me left ear and it is incredibly disorienting, but unlike other people with hearing loss, I know there's a fix for mine.

I have a greater appreciation now for people who having hearing loss and how they learn to cope with it. It's only been a day and this is driving me crazy. So how did this happen?

I was cleaning my ears as I always do when I get out of the shower. Ever since I was a kid I've gotten a lot of wax buildup in my ears, and quickly. I use a Q-Tip to clean out what I can reach safely, and yes my doctor said it's okay as long as I don't go into the ear canal.

Well, we ran out of Q-Tips and I wasn't able to get any for two days, so when I finally got them there was a lot of wax there and I must have accidentally pushed some of it to where it was blocking my ear canal so I couldn't hear.

So, I tried an over the counter ear wax removal kit.

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Townsquare Media

That made it worse. As soon as the drops went in it clogged it even more. And no flushing with that little bulb thing would unclog it.

I've had dozens of suggestions on how to get that wax out, the craziest is a thing called candling. It's literally sticking a candle in your ear.  The heat from the candle is supposed to draw earwax. People swear by it, but no thanks. Jamming a candle in my ear seems totally wrong and dangerous and medical professionals agree.

I'm leaving it to the professionals at this point. I've got a doctor's appointment today. I'll hear you later.

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