We all want the best for the newborn babies and infants in our lives, whether they're specifically the fruit of our loins or they're the newest members of our respective family.

Baby Toys

For those who either won't become or just currently aren't parents, the goal of striving to be the 'Fun Uncle,' 'Fun Aunt,' or 'Best Grandparent' is a flame that burns bright. And, in an effort to win that title (and just help the parents of newborns in our lives out), we buy some really fun toys.

Unfortunately, sometimes those 'really fun toys' can become really recalled, and that's the case with a recall that was announced a few days ago on an infant baby swing.

Jool Baby via YouTube / Canva
Jool Baby via YouTube / Canva

Nova Baby Swing

According to a recent report from PHL17.com, over 60,000 baby infant swings under the Jool Baby brand have been recalled for suffocation hazards.

Jool Baby Recall

According to the official Jool Baby website, this is actually a voluntary recall and involves the lack of communication that the Jool Baby Nova Baby swing is not intended for sleep.

Using the Nova Swing or any product with an angle above 10 degrees is not safe for sleep.

Based on tips listed on the Jool Baby recall page for the Nova Baby Swing, should your baby fall asleep while strapped into the swing, you should immediately take them out of it and place them on a flat surface, like a crib or bassinet.

Jool Baby has announced that there have been no reported incidents involving the Nova Baby swing, and the products are still deemed safe to use for the entertainment of your baby.

New government regulations require that we update warning labels and instructions on the product, packaging, and marketing of the Nova to make it clear to consumers that infant swings are not safe for babies to sleep in.


According to Jool Baby, the recall is active specifically on Nova Baby Swings manufactured between June 2022 and September 2023. The manufacturing date can be found on the warning label sewn into the back of the swing's seat.

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