As a public service, The Oakland Maine Police Department Facebook page posted the story of 'Blue,' a Maine inspection sticker that has worn out its welcome.

As we all know, Maine State inspection stickers change color each year to make it easy for police to spot a vehicle with an expired inspection. If your car doesn't have one of the two currently valid colors, you're easy to spot.

Take 'Blue' for instance. Here's his story as told by the Oakland Police Department.

This is "Blue". Now, Blue is not a good boy. In fact, he's a pretty bad boy and is beyond being replaced. His good friends, Yellow and Red, they are good boys, for the most part. Yellow can be a little rough around the edges. At least the on the drivers side. Red, he's a high achiever. Smiling because he knows he's a good boy, and that all the happy police officers really like him.

Blue is really unique. He stands out like a sore thumb. For some reason, I'm seeing Blue all over the place. For the most part, I shouldn't be seeing him at all. It's like he is a sign of bad choices. Or something like that.

With Blue, you can get pulled over. And now that Blue's shelf life has expired for at least 5 months, he can earn you a ticket. An expensive ticket. No one wants that.

Don't be like Blue. And definitely don't be like Blue's best friend. A fella we like to call Mr. "Scratched Off". I can be swayed to think that Blue is a mistake. Mr. Scratched Off, on the other hand? Well, that's the instant ticket machine right there. Get yourself a Red. Then we can all be friends.

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