A truck owner in Oakland, Maine learned the hard way not to believe everything you read on the Internet when he spun his tires in a cloud of smoke in front of police because he read a new law was passed protecting his right to spin out as freedom of speech.

The Oakland Police Department posted on their Facebook page the encounter with the young man in a "souped up truck" who decided he would create a big cloud of smoke when he spotted the officer. As soon as he lit it up, the officer who knew the driver, came up to him and asked "Have you lost your mind?"  The driver responded that the police can't do anything about it anymore because the Maine Supreme Court ruled  that burning your tires is now protected free speech.

Surprise. It's not. He had read a story from New Maine News, a well known Maine satire website, similar to The Onion. Well known to everyone but this guy.

The officer said in the Facebook post that "Explaining the concept of satire was probably the educational highlight of that young man's morning."

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