In just a couple of weeks, Waterville will become the first city in Maine to offer free wireless internet to everyone in the city. According to the Bangor Daily News, the ambitious plan, pieced together by Colby College and the Central Maine Growth Council, will see six different hot spots placed throughout the city which will be accessible by businesses, locals and visitors as well.

The hot spots are not intended to help downtown residents feed their Netflix addiction, but instead to spur growth amongst businesses and to allow for one less expenditure for small businesses trying to make it. Residents and tourists all expect wifi to be readily available (and for free), so Waterville is attempting to get ahead of the curve. The wifi signals will be the strongest outdoors, and are being positioned to be the most effective in public gathering spaces.

But will other cities have to follow suit? Will Waterville's forward-thinking plan put them a step ahead of Augusta, Lewiston or even Portland when attracting new businesses? Will residents find that free wifi in public parks and gathering spaces a luxury that should be available in all of Maine's largest cities?

What do you think? Should other Maine cities consider placing free wifi in public areas and to encourage new business?

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