So more people are helping people in all this whoop whoop!

There is a Facebook page in which people are buying and selling fish directly to support local fisherman as well as feeding your family for a lower price.

The group is called Maine Fish Direct!

The curator had this to say in the description. 

"A public group where Maine fishermen can post direct fish for sale. I've seen a good number post on their personal pages but thought that a central place with listings of type (lobster, clams, etc...) date, place, and price might be helpful. So if you are a fisherman, post what, when, where, and how much! Others, please take this opportunity to enjoy fresh Maine protein without a visit to a crowded supermarket, all while supporting Maine's fishing families!"

This excites me as I can not wait to get some fresh eats from this wonderful page, will you be supporting? 

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