New England got stupid cold this week. Now to be fair, we've seen colder temperatures than this in New England and it is winter. It always has at least a few days where temps get below zero. The Time and Temp sign in Portland read 1° at 7:30 this morning.

Jeff Parsons
Jeff Parsons

When things get this cold, there are some crazy things you can do that will demonstrate how extreme our weather in New England can get. There's no better place to do that than at the top of Mount Washington dubbed as the home of "The Worst Weather in the World.

The meteorologists who live and work at the summit at the Mount Washington Observatory live for this kind of extreme weather and they like to have a little fun with it to demonstrate what mother nature can do. They've thrown water in the air and made it instantly turn to snow which in and of itself is impressive, but they may have even topped that one with this post on their Facebook page on Tuesday showing a frozen plate of spaghetti wound around a fork. It's like an invisible man is about to take a bite.


On the Q Morning Show, Lori and Brittany froze a pair of jeans by soaking them in water and hanging them off on the deck at One City Center. They were frozen solid within 30 minutes and were able to be stood up as if that same invisible man was there wearing only jeans.



Old Guide Mike of the Moose River Guide Service put up a video on Facebook Tuesday showing the temperature in Jackman, Maine using an old-style thermometer registering -15° with a forecasted high of -9° He was sporting what he calls "snotsicles." I think you know what that means.


So how does this compare to the coldest temperatures we've seen in New England? Here are the all-time lows in each state according to NOAA.

Maine: -50°F on Jan 16, 2009 - Big Black River near Quebec

New Hampshire: -50°F on  Jan 22, 1885 - Mount Washington

Vermont -50°F  Dec 30, on 1933 - Bloomfield

Massachusetts -35°F  on Feb 15, 1943 - Coldbrook

Connecticut  -32°F Feb 16, 1943 - Falls Village

Rhode Island  -28°F on Jan 11, 1942 - Wood River Junction

It's cold bub! Bundle up and eat your spaghetti indoors!

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