We have learned a lot about COVID-19 over the past few months. It's dangerous, it has disrupted our lives, it has made it hard to go outside and interact with other people, but the one thing that is taken away, especially this summer is our love of live events. A lot of shows with musicians sporting events and standup comedy have been pushed off until 2021. Although I don't even see how that possible, considering there's no cure.

In my day to day job as a station Brand Manager, part of the magic of what we do is making these events possible. That part of the equation has been put on ice, and it can be frustrating. The other part of me that is a fan is bummed that I can not see a show. I was looking forward to seeing Lady Gaga at Fenway, Harry Styles at TD Garden or Janelle Monae, or even a Dave Chappelle standup tour, but those things are not possible at the moment.


These are the times I thank my lucky stars for the existence of Netflix and YouTube replay the memories and hope that the future is brighter, and I get to have these moments again. Yes, I know you are thinking, "Kwame, how can you worry about concerts at a time like this? The world is in complete chaos!" I get that, the selfless part of me feels everything we are all feeling. The selfish part of me feels I need to break out my Leisure Suit and get to the comedy club on Friday! What concert are you missing this summer?


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