I cannot wait for the Sarah Gideon and Susan Collins debate tonight. Full disclosure I've only lived in Maine for not even a year, and I really don't have a horse in a race as far as their political dealings. I can say that I am sick and tired of seeing their commercials on television every 5 seconds.

The commercials are so harsh you would think they're going to go out onto the street and have a fistfight to the death!

I know elections are coming up and people are emotionally charged, but I'm spent, and I think you are too. If there's one thing that everyone reading this blog can agree on, no matter what your background or political leanings are, it's that November 4th can't get here fast enough.

Let me not understate how important elections are. The fact that you should vote let me not understate how important it will be for you to watch this debate tonight, to determine who the best candidate will be to represent Maine the United States Senate; my main point is, can they hurry up and get this over with!? what are your thoughts?

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