Supermelt on the go anyone? In all the years Friendly's has been in Maine, we've never seen this before. The South Portland Friendly's location now has a drive thru. 

I had to look twice when I saw the sign while near Friendly's over near the Maine Mall in South Portland, and my eyes were not deceiving me.

Yep...a drive thru at Friendly's. They've always had a walk-up window for ice cream, but this is totally different. You can get most of the menu at Friendly's now just by pulling up to the speaker.

Friendly's is in the process of reinventing itself after recovering from a bankruptcy that closed many of its stores across New England, including many in Maine. The restaurants are now being modernized, to come into the 21st century while still having that old fashioned feel to them that brings you back to their beginings in 1935 in Springfield, Massachusetts.

The first Friendly's drive-thrus rolled out in late 2015 in Westfield, Massachusetts and recently expanded to Portland. If it's successful, then it will more than likely roll out other Maine locations.

Here's the drive-thru menu. Click it for a large version you can read and get ready to enjoy some Friendly's without ever having to leave your car.