Oreo cookies have been doing all sorts of crazy things in recent years. Mega Stuf Oreos, Most Stuf Oreos, Pumpkin spice Oreos along with dozens of other flavors. They even have made flavors that you had to guess with their Mystery Oreos. Now they have bought back something they tried for Easter but this time for the Holidays.

This is the Oreo Egg. Step aside Cadbury, this chocolate egg is filled with Oreo cream and bits of Oreo cookies. I'm not sure what the holiday connection is, other than another opportunity for Oreo to get these out during the year, but I don't care. I want.


It's no secret to Q Morning Show listeners how much I love the cream of the Oreo cookies, so I'm on the lookout for these.


They're available on Amazon for $14.99 for a 5-pack. If you ask me, that seems a little steep, but so far I haven't been able to find these anywhere in local stores. They're even harder to find than the Most Stuf Oreos.

So, does anyone have any leads.