Hyundai is gearing up for the biggest football and commercial day of the year in just one week. They're releasing a commercial that highlights the "smaht pahk" feature in their new Sonata. Now if you're one of the lucky ones you've probably seen the leaked commercial making the rounds on Facebook. The commercial features Captain American himself, Chris Evans, Rachel Dratch of Saturday Night Live fame, John Krasinski, and the one and only Big Papi.

You may find it if you dig hard enough but Hyundai officially released a video with both Rachel and David Ortiz to tease the release of the commercial. Ortiz, of course, isn't a New England native and is originally from the Dominican Republic so, despite his years in Boston, he's far from having the accent.

In the commercial, Rachel gives him a lesson in the Boston dialect. Papi struggles but eventually, does alright.

Make sure you catch the full-length commercial next Sunday during the big game!

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