I'm a 1989 graduate of Oxford Hills Comprehensive High School. Not to sound like old man Parsons here, but back in my day, we weren't comprehensive. Also back in my day, our Oxford Hills Vikings football team never won a Class A championship and was never able to hoist that gold ball in the air.

The Vikings came close in 2021, but lost the championship to the Thornton Academy Trojans. But that didn't stop this team from going for the gold ball.

That all changed on November 19, 2022 with the rematch between Oxford Hills and Thornton Academy, and this time, the Vikings came out on top 21-7. Since Oxford Hills High School was founded in 1961, this has never happened. It took 61 years, but the gold ball finally went to Oxford Hills.

A lot of these players are the sons of the people I went to school with at Oxford Hills. A lot of the Oxford Hills staff, including principal Paul Bickford, played football at Oxford Hills. We couldn't be more proud of this team, because once you're a Viking, you're always a Viking.

This week they also got another honor as the Sun Journal named the 2022-23 Varsity Maine Boys’ Team of the Year.

Lee Horton of the Sun Journal announced the award in an article published on July 14 where he wrote: "Oxford Hills finished off a perfect season with the program’s first state title. Because of their dominance, the Vikings are our choice as the 2022-23 Varsity Maine Boys’ Team of the Year."

Congratulations to the team and the coaching staff. It's amazing to see what so many Oxford Hills Almumi like myself never got the chance to see while we were students. You've made us proud boys. Let's do it again this fall!


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