Yup. He couldn't stay away...and now, he's got a new job.

Ann LePage, the former governor's wife, has been working at McSeagulls in Boothbay Harbor as a server.

Well, she's got some company this summer, according to the Portland Press Herald, her husband!

The restaurant hasn't firmed up his schedule, but the restaurant did confirm that LePage will be there all summer.

This won't be the first time he's served up drinks, but the first time he's done it as a job. A couple of years ago, while he was governor, he worked behind the bar at the Quarry Tap Room in Hallowell to raise money for The Travis Mills Foundation. The Tap Room is fabulous and has raised money for several charities with 'celebrity' bartenders.


LePage said when his term was over that he might leave Maine for good. He spent the winter in Florida and last summer they sold their home in Boothbay. No word on where he might be staying, but we know it's not in Augusta.

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