Are you a fan of conserving land and wildlife? Do you enjoy drinking beer? So do the good people at The Land Conservation Assistance Network, a unique local non-profit that works to promote the protection of wetlands, forests, endangered species, and other wild spaces. They empower landowners to make smart decisions about their land by providing resources and tools to farmers, foresters, ranchers who wish to protect their land and its future. They also empower you to support them by drinking beer and hanging out! Doesn't sound so hard, eh?

On Thursday, they're hosting Conservation On Tap from 5p-7p at Rising Tide Brewery in Portland. Tickets will be sold at the door for only $5 cash, which gets you two drinks and the warm fuzzy feeling of supporting national conservation efforts.

"Rising Tide does a lot of work with local non-profits so we’re excited to work with them," said Emily Nason of LandCAN. "If you’re going to drink you might as well come drink good beer for a good cause and support our national conservation work!"


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