If you're a retiree whose hobby is collecting custom-made stuffed animals, tomorrow is not the day for you to shop at Build-A-Bear.

On the other hand, if you're the store's main clientele (i.e. kids) you should totally head their way. Tomorrow (July 12), Build-A-Bear is rolling out their one-day special: Pay your Age Day!

This will be the store's first ever "Pay Your Age Day" where Bonus Club members in-store will pay the dollar amount of their age to stuff their own plush toy.

According to News Center Maine, the entire store's collection of toys, including popular licensed characters, will be made available at the event, though outfits and accessories are not included in the deal; all you get is a bear in a birthday suit. But if you're young enough, that's still a pretty stellar deal!

This is obviously a prime opportunity to take your kids or grandkids somewhere and have them pick up the bill for once. Customers can sign up online ahead of time or in-store at the time of purchase.


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