14-year old Pi and Calvin are year-round Islanders and they concocted a brilliant way to make some cash this summer.


We've had it all for weather this summer. Hot as hell and record chilly. Rain that made you cross your fingers for your basement and so dry, back in June none of us thought we'd have a lawn. When it's hot, the only real relief is to get on the water. So, the fam hopped on a Casco Bay Ferry and headed to Peaks Island.

We were walking down the main drag headed to Centennial Beach when I came across Pi (left) and Calvin (right).


They were selling the 'Ultimate Peaks Island Handbook'.


It's chock a block full of fun facts, advice, and even a word search!


Pi and Calvin are both 14 and going into the 8th grade this year on the mainland. They are islanders and grew up on Peaks. This is their first summer with the handbook they created. I asked about how much they have made this year and they said about a thousand dollars. Really about 600 net after printing costs.

They were very sweet and some of the advice and landmarks they share are going to be incredibly helpful to the clueless that come to the island by droves. And for Mainers going to Peaks because it's a nice getaway, I learned a couple of fun facts! Plus, who doesn't love a good word search?



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