Okay. Yes. If you're anything like me and call your dog your child, then this is for you. Pictures with Santa just got a hell of a lot more fun. Yes, you can bring your pet to Santa, and get their picture taken for the fridge. This is not a drill.

I'll break it down for you.

Paws with Claus in Freeport, Maine

First off, that's an amazing name, and we must give credit where credit is due. Secondly, L.L.Bean is already one of the most festive places to visit during the holiday season, so being able to have Santa hold your pet really just tops it off.

Here are the details:

When? Mondays: Paws with Claus

Where? Freeport, Maine, L.L.Bean in the Holiday Activity Barn

Dates & Time: November 20 through December 18 from 4-8 p.m.

The way I'm already planning an extensive trip with my golden-doodle Maverick is actually disgusting. Or is it amazing? I'm unsure.

While we're on the topic of L.L.Bean, there's so many other activities you can do during the winter season as well. On the topics of animals, they always have Santa's live reindeer in the middle of the plaza outside near their ice rink. Something I missed last year, so here's your warning not to miss it this year!

Check out the full list of activities, dates, and times of all L.L.Bean's holiday festivities here.

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