Since 2015 Chris Bettera has owned and operated Po Boys & Pickles on Forest Ave, serving up delicious sandwiches, seafood, sweet treats and more. The shop got it's start in February of 2010 when Peter Zinn opened the sandwich store.

Now we've learned that Chris has his eyes set on a second location in the Portland area, but he's not saying just where yet. According to the website, Chris says it will be somewhere "on the peninsula." but we won't know the exact location until the lease is finalized.

One thing we do know is that the space will be a little smaller than the original location on Forest Ave, so Chris plans to scale back the menu a bit at first and focus more on take out at the second location.

Once they're in and rolling Chris plans to apply for a liquor license and will sell beer along with the rest of the menu. If all goes according to plan, the second Po Boys & Pickles will be open in May. Now we'll just have to wait to find out where it will be.




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