UPDATE: Maine State Police posted on their Facebook page that the vehicle involved in the crash has been identified.


Does this car look familiar to you? If so, the Maine State Police would like to hear from you. They shared the photo on their Facebook page today, and said that this vehicle hit a school bus in Waterford, Maine, and then drove off. The car appears to be a grey Pontiac sedan. The accident occurred on Mill Hill Road in Waterford, and the vehicle was last seen driving Route 35 (Waterford Road) south towards Waterford Village.

Google Maps
Google Maps

Luckily, no one was injured in the crash. However, I would imagine if there were children on the bus at the time, they were probably quite shaken up.

School has been back in session for only about a month, and it seems like drivers are still getting used to the fact that there are buses on the road. It's very important for the safety of the children who ride these buses each and every day, that drivers are extra careful when they're around them, obey all traffic laws, and always stop when they have flashing lights or a stop sign out.


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