I only liked it for the candy haul, but I have friends who love Halloween more than any other holiday!


One such friend is Lincoln. Lincoln made this skeleton! He asked me if I wanted it to pop out of my front lawn. I asked Lincoln if he wanted to pay for my therapy for the rest of my life.



I actually married someone who is a freak for Halloween (I met her in the summer...). She has more boxes in the basement for Halloween than Christmas. And every year something new appears. We used to have only 2 skeletons, we now have 4. There are skulls, candelabras, spiders, fog machines, a jail...it's too long to list it all.

The kids have HUGE Halloween parties for their friends and classmates...we're talking all of October is dedicated to all things Halloween.

I thought it was an anomaly. Nope. A lot of people are freaks for Halloween. Are you one of them?

If there was a day dedicated to overeating snack sized candy - I'd be on board with that!

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