This is always a touchy subject. There's always the fine line question of "who should pay" in a relationship when it comes to food, right? I've always operated under the idea that if a man continuously insists on buying me dinner every time we go out, I'll treat him to coffee the next day. Or I'll try to pay for the smaller things if he lets me, just to show my gratitude out of common courtesy.

Yesterday, there was a couple in front of me ordering boba tea. I'm sorry, but I'll just say it, I was eavesdropping. That's how I found out this woman's boyfriend had gotten her a gift card for Christmas to this specific place.

Here's where a public fight broke out in front of me.

This woman ordered her drink and a small sandwich before she went to pay. Her boyfriend over her shoulder asked her to buy his sandwich as well, and when she responded "I thought this gift card was my Christmas gift", he responded, "Well, I paid for it". Here's where I'm conflicted.

My personal opinion that nobody asked for? While I understand the gift card was a gift, it's still a very nice money gesture on his part. I think the girlfriend should have practiced common courtesy and treated her man to a sandwich and a drink, considering he gave her a generous $50 gift card to begin with. I don't know, in my head it would be a no-brainer to treat him to his order because by doing that. It basically tells him thank you in a gesture, right?

I don't think he should have asked her to cover his order, but I also don't think she should have put up a fight about it? I'm flipping this to you, Maine. What's your take on this? Should he have never asked her to use her Christmas gift to begin with? Or should she have maybe offered up the gesture first without a fight? I'm super interested to see how these answers go down.

P.S. The couple pictured in the featured photo is not the actual couple in this article.

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