This issue has been in the news a lot lately, and the debate is heating up again.

It's well known that Governor LePage wants to drug test recipients of state assistance, foodstamps, and other forms of welfare here in Maine, but the Legislature has not passed a law mandating the practice.

Recently, the Governor accused former State Senator Troy Jackson of using drugs himself. "Troy Jackson may claim that's how [they] live up here [Aroostook County]; it's not a big deal. [They] drink beer behind the wheel and [they] smoke pot all day."

Jackson responded to the Governor's comments on facebook, saying "I don't take well to accusations about what I do in my spare time but I especially don't appreciate Governor LePage using his fixation on me as an opportunity to disparage my community. Folks up here are good, honest people and they work too hard every day to deserve delirious accusations coming out of Augusta."

He then posted a photo of him with a printout of clean drug test results, with this caption:

"I've already taken mine and proven I'm not 'smoking pot all day', so how about you? Your turn."

So... here's the question: Do you think the Governor should take a drug test?

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