He's moving back to Maine and will be ready to take on Governor Janet Mills in 2022!

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Former Governor Paul LePage has been threatening to run again since he gave up the job after two terms. The Bangor Daily News resports that LePage was recently on with a conservative radio host and said

Yes, I am going to challenge Janet Mills or the Democratic Party in 2022 because in 2022, the state’s going to be worse off than when I took over in 2010 and I do believe I have the skill set to fix it.

LePage said he would move back to Maine in May and not leave. He is currently in Florida. He also said that he would self quarantine per Governor Janet Mills' order. LePage is so disappointed in Mills' response to the coronavirus that he thinks she should resign.

He has not formally filed to run for governor, but a campaign would kick off mid next year. Just when you thought politics in Maine were boring...



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