Popham Beach State Park

Popham Beach State Park, located in the beautiful Phippsburg, Maine, is a must-visit for tourists and Maine residents alike looking for a beautiful beach day. Although if you've been putting off your visit you may want to wait a little while longer.

Visit With Caution

In an advisory released yesterday, August 16, 2021, stable flies have hatched on Popham Beach. While they look like your average small house fly, their bite is far worse than what you may have at home.

Popham Beach states that their bite is incredibly painful and the flies will target legs and ankles. Because of this, they recommend beachgoers wear long, loose-fitting pants, along with thick socks for the time being. They also state that bug spray does not work against stable flies.

US Department of Agriculture Stephen Ausmus
US Department of Agriculture Stephen Ausmus

The flies have a life span of approximately 28 days and the beach will refuse refunds due to fly activity.

Stable Flies

It is not uncommon to find these flies along the seashore according to DoYourOwnPestControl.com. And, as their name suggests they are also often found near stables as well as dog kennels. The reason they are often found along the seashore is that they will lay their eggs in seaweed.

Peak feeding times are in the morning and late afternoon. So dress up and plan a trip in the late morning or wait a month to soak in the beautiful Popham Beach.

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