There are two things I can spend hours watching videos of on YouTube. One is police body camera footage and the other is videos taken from the dashcam of someone's car, capturing all the dumb things drivers do.

After discovering one of these YouTube channels that featured bad drivers in Portland, I discovered a similar channel that features bad drivers all through New England.

The Downeast Drivers channel on YouTube is a series called "Bad Drivers of New England" that posts videos submitted from around New England taken from dashcams mounted in cars that capture all kinds of drivers making bad decisions. Not all of them are major incidents, but most of them involve drivers who deserve to get horns blown at them. Some incidents are something we all might do once or twice while driving.

There's even a disclaimer at the beginning of each video that says:

"This video was created for the purpose of entertainment, not criticism. Not all drivers featured here are at fault and the drivers who have submitted clips for the video are not without fault."

The two videos here from February and March show a lot of locations in Massachusetts, especially Boston, but there are videos captured in Portsmouth, New Hampshire as well as Portland and Bangor Maine.

The videos are really well produced too, with a description of what to look for and a nice graphic of authentic-looking road signs telling you what city the video was taken in and the location or intersection.



Got a dashcam and want to submit your own video? Go to Downeast Drivers on YouTube for the link.

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