Letter to The Editor

A recent letter sent to the Portland Press Herald by Portland resident, Roger Smith is getting a lot of attention for his complaint about fire pits.

"Health Hazard"

In Mr. Smith's letter that you can read here, he states that on one of the recent cooler nights he opened the windows to air out the house. The fresh air wafting through the living space didn't last long though as a neighbor was using a fire pit and was consumed by allergy triggering wood smoke that he refers to as a "health hazard".

Be Considerate

Mr. Smith goes on to say that he doesn't feel that he should have to purchase an air conditioner and that he should just be able to open a window without worrying about "some inconsiderate person who wants to play caveman".

While Mr. Smith doesn't offer any specific solution he does note the fact that second-hand smoke is banned in public areas and that "wood-burning fire pits are no less dangerous."

Right or Wrong?

This issue has many people wondering where the line of consideration for one's neighbor really is and what reasonable expectations should be.

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