You know what? I respect this man. Spiderman to be exact.

Have you seen the human who walks around downtown Portland, Maine, in a full-blown Spiderman costume like there's nothing weird about it?

I mean I love that confidence, but it's wild to see during the week while you're on your way to work. This guy makes people watching SO worth it.

Our studios are located at One City Center, so we get to watch the entirety of monument square interact from 3 stories above.

One day, all I could see were these HUGE red boots a human was wearing walking across town. They're almost so wild looking that it looks like he could honestly be walking on big red balloons.

Turns out these "balloon shoes" are actually an expensive, designer trend by the singer Astroboy with a price tag of $350 and are made of thermoplastic polyurethane (plasticky rubber) and ethylene vinyl acetate (rubbery plastic).

Look at this:

Online, it looks like these are casual around big cities....I don't get it....

Even the ladies are wearing these boots out on the town as a fashion piece:

So anyway, back to Spiderman. Picture these red boots completing a full-on spider suit (looks like the one from that new movie?) and a man that carries on throughout his day dressed in it all and you've got Portland, Maine, for ya.

If anybody has any idea who this man is, let me know. I've honestly tried running outside to catch him for a quick conversation every time I see him walking by, but the best I could do was get this video:

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