Portland Mayor Kate Snyder told the Q Morning Show today that she plans to ask the city council to consider repealing the city's stay at home order and follow the guidelines in Governor Mills phased plan to open businesses.

In Tuesday's Maine CDC corornavirus briefing, the Governor outlined a phased transition to opening businesses in Maine and getting people back to work while extending the state's stay at home order until May 31. The day before that, the Portland City Council voted unanimously to extend the city's at home order until May 18.

During our chat with Portland Mayor Kate Snyder said a press release was going out as we spoke, letting people and businesses know that they should follow the State's Order in terms of Stage 1, which starts on Friday, May 1. Mayor Snyder also plans to ask the City Council on Monday to consider repealing the city's stay at home order in favor of the state order.

You can listen to our entire interview with Mayor Kate Snyder which includes how she feels about working at home and Lori's awkward analogy of why we should wear a face mask, on The Q Morning Show on Demand.




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