COVID-19 is not just ruining proms and graduations, it's killing family vacations as well.

Flights are canceled, tourist hotspots have been shut down, and it's even hard to get a rental car these days.

The Bergos family of Gorham is not letting that stop them at all.

According to News Center Maine, the family found a workaround.

They used this thing inside of all of our brains called and imagination.

The family created a smaller-scale version of the Disney experience for their memories, the news station reported.

Check out the News Center Maine video on it!

"We know a lot of people have been through way worse than us just being in quarantine; we just wanted to bring a little fun," Paul Burgos told News Center Maine.

Although they thoroughly enjoyed their vacation, they do agree that they will try to make a trip to the real Disney next year, the news station reported.

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