Here's a fun fact you might not have known: according to Explore Maine, there are over 4,600 islands off Maine's coast, and even more if you count inland islands. Some are large like the second largest island on the East Coast, Mount Desert Island. Others are just large rocks jutting out of the ocean.

15 of those islands are inhabited year-round, and all 15 are unbridged, meaning you're going to need a boat to get there. One of those 15 islands is Isle au Haut, with 93 residents as of the 2020 census. About 50 of them live there year-round.

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It's a five-mile boat ride to get to Isle au Haut, but mailboats offer passenger service between Stonington and Isle au Haut.

You wouldn't think it would appeal to a family with two young children, but when Isle au Haut did a little advertising to get the word out that it could be right for someone to raise a family on, the Water family decided to move there from Massachusetts.

Their story was recently covered on the CBS Evening News in an "On The Road" segment with Steve Hartman. The video shows everything that Isle of Haut has to offer, including a general store, gift shop, and....well, that's it.

That was plenty for the White family, so they pulled the trigger and bought a home on the island to raise their family. Sure, there's no pizza delivery, supermarket, restaurants, nightclubs, or other entertainment. They didn't need that. They just needed a nice place to raise their family.

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