Earlier this summer, we reported that the Port City Music Hall had closed the doors due to the pandemic and being unable to pay their bills. In times like this, we realize how much it takes to operate a small business, whether you own a deli, a restaurant, or a medium-sized Music Hall.

Alas, these times are rough for all businesses, large and small, as they are trying to maintain their product development and keep their employees paid. In return, their employees do not have as much disposable income because consumer confidence is low. That all being said, music venues count his disposable income, and the people that have to deal with that the most are venues, especially when not only are people not spending as much money but they can't even gather in a place like they would like to.

The Portland House of music is raising money to keep their doors open as they are fighting to make sure that music still plays in Portland. Like the Port City Music Hall, PHOME is a place where bands of any size that are on the way up or wanna play a great show in this city in which people their artform appreciate the art form.

Thierry Roy

They have a gofundme page right now, and the last time I checked, it was at $64,000. Being a representative of the station, I cannot tell you that you should donate to this as this may or be not may or may not be your taste; however, if you do like the PHOME and you're a fan of the music scene, you have your options.

This city is great for musicians trying to make a name for themselves, and this is another one of those venues that helps them do it.

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