When you think of Maine, you may not think fashion immediately, but Portland was recently ranked among the top 26 most stylish cities in America right now, according to Expedia.

Portland was highlighted in the article for its locals' ability to stay stylish throughout 4 distinct seasons and for the city's varied neighborhoods like the Old Port and the West End. Boutiques around Commercial street and the Press Hotel were mentioned in Portland's description for their effortlessly cool and unique style.

For a city recognized by locals and tourists alike for its hip food and craft cocktail scene, it's no surprise that fashionistas are flocking to the area as well.

The Expedia article's author Lily Rogers knew what she was talking about when she wrote,

“In Portland the city itself, with its charming brick buildings and attention-getting views, is made to please aesthetically. Add to that a unique sense of sophisticated style that transcends even the most bundled-up winter, and it’s the perfect place for those who love to surround themselves with beauty. Our advice is to seek locally-made pieces and the super well-curated boutiques of Old Port and surrounding neighborhoods.”

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