Portland Press Herald reported this morning that the city of Portland rejected a 10-year contract bid with Maine State Pier and Waterfront Concerts. Our beloved concert venue on the picturesque Portland waterfront could be in it's final season this summer.

So why the big rejection? Too many noise complaints? Not enough parking? Not a fan of the shows?

Nope. Turns out the city might want something a little more permanent in the area.

The Press Herald story explains that Portland would consider continuing the Waterfront Concert relationship on a short term basis or at a different area in the city. At this time, the city is exploring other permanent development opportunities on the pier.

Waterfront Concerts planned improvements on the pier with their 10-year contract including "adding grandstand seating and possibly a roof over the audience area." With the long term contract rejected, it is unclear if the waterfront will see those much-needed improvements.

The Maine State Pier has twelve shows on the schedule this summer including big names like Billy Currington, Goo Goo Dolls, and Pat Benetar. It remains to be scene what the 2018 season will hold for Maine State Pier and Waterfront Concerts.

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