It has been really cool to watch Post Malone become, well, Post Malone over the years. I was lucky enough to be a small part of his journey by introducing him on stage at the Maine State Pier about eight years ago, before he skyrocketed to fame.

Back in 2016, Posty came to Portland, Maine, to perform a one-off concert on the Maine State Pier after his Boston, Massachusetts, stint with 21 Savage. I remember he wasn't interested in any interviews, and wouldn't allow anybody to put him on camera unless it was just him. Back then, he had a longtime girlfriend he brought along with him, and he was trying to keep his life very private. Honestly, I was just happy he allowed me to grab this photo with him and Fat Joe. It might have been the last picture we'd see of Posty with a clean face. Since 2016 the man shot to fame and covered his entire face and body with really awesome tattoos. I'm not knocking it, I'm actually loving it. Sorry Mom.

Before I drop this photo of us from eight years ago below, I need you to know I was in my red hair era, and we have since evolved from this.


Does anyone remember this concert at the Maine State Pier? I remember the feeling of this performance like yesterday. I feel so lucky to have been able to experience this version of Posty before he moved on to being untouchable.

Today, we announced his F-1 Trillion Tour, where he's circling back to Bangor, Maine, eight years later. I've never been more excited for something in my entire life.

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