Stagecoach Festival

If you're not familiar with what the Stagecoach Festival it is, it's basically a weekend long country music festival. And, honestly, whether you like country music or not, it doesn't matter.

If you like tailgating, drinking, partying with friends, and just vibing in the moment, then 9 out of 10 of you reading this (thank you, by the way, you're helping me put some kibble in my dog Remy's mouth) would probably love the Stagecoach Festival.

(But also, full disclosure, I've never been so I don't know what I'm talking about. But follow me on this journey real quick.)

The 57th Annual CMA Awards - Show
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A viral moment happened on the final night of the 2024 Stagecoach Festival on April 28. Just months after performing together at the CMA Awards in Nashville back in November, Post Malone and Morgan Wallen ran it back when Posty joined Morgan on stage during his headlining set, and they cranked out a never-before-heard collab that has been viral since.

I Had Some Help

The unreleased track that Posty and Morgan performed is called I Had Some Help, and technically, it's not available for streaming and download to the public until tomorrow.

Thankfully, magically, through the power of radio and good relationships with record labels, we were sent the song a day early to play exclusively before the rest of the public can get access to it.

And that's where the fun Maine story involving this song begins. Enjoy the fact that I have no shame when it comes to trying to entertain you and make you laugh.

Because I was today years old when I realized that we were going to have access to this song to play for you before we, as regular humans, are able to play it on repeat as many times as we want on whatever streaming service we want.

Post Malone and Morgan Wallen

I literally had one foot in my bathtub about to hop in the shower and come to work when I heard the email ding on my phone go off, and, like I usually do, rolled my eyes while I grabbed my phone, annoyed at who was rude enough to email me first thing in the morning before business hours.

Thank the sweet baby Jeebus I did.

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Because sitting in my inbox was an email from Post Malone's record label saying that 24 hours before it's available to the public, I Had Some Help was downloadable to me and available for airplay right away.

And I'm not saying I then immediately took said one foot out of the shower, immediately ran to my bedroom, immediately ran back to my bathroom, sat down on the cold tile floor, and proceeded to download the song and drop it into our computer system for immediate airing...

...but I am saying that there's a solid chance that the next time you hear Posty and Morgan's song I Had Some Help, whether on the station or streaming at your own pleasure, you'll probably immediately have the mental image of a fluffy dude sitting on his bathroom floor, using his closed toilet as a desk top to work on getting the 2024 Song of the Summer on the radio...

...all while completely nekkid. On a cold tile floor. You're welcome.

Photo by Christian Buehner on Unsplash / Townsquare Media / A LOT of Editing in Canva
Photo by Christian Buehner on Unsplash / Townsquare Media / A LOT of Editing in Canva

(Live footage of what I look like under the fluff. Ya know, just to help with the image burn you'll forever have hearing this song.)

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