The Portland Sea Dogs are once again changing their names for one day during the 2022 season and have a mascot that is perfectly Maine.

On August 13, the Richmond Flying Squirrels will come to Hadlock Field to take on the....wait for it....Maine Bean Suppahs! In 2019 the Sea Dogs became the Maine Whoopie pies for a game and in 2021 they were the Maine Red Snappers for a game. Now they name themselves after another totally Maine thing, the bean supper.

If you've never been to a bean supper, you're really not a true Mainer. It's often served at local churches and consists of baked beans, red hot dogs (aka red snappers), and brown bread.

Check out the Bean Suppah's mascot that will be on team uniforms and merchandise. A red snappers sitting it a crockpot full of beans, like he's taking a hot tub, wearing his hunter's cap and holding an orange can of what we can only assume is the official soft drink of Maine. Dude's got his game face on too.

Portland Sea Dogs
Portland Sea Dogs



On the night the Bean Suppah's take on the Flying Squirrels at Hadlock, bean suppers will be served in the Gifford's Pavillion for two hours, starting an hour before the game, as well as at a designated concession window.

If you don't want to wait, the Sea Dogs/Bean Suppah's will be offering take-out bean suppers at Hadlock Field on Thursday, March 3 from 4:30 to 6 for just $10. They include baked beans, two red snappers, coleslaw, brown bread, a whoopie pie and a soft drink. That sounds like a good deal to me!

If you want to grab your tickets to see the Maine Suppah's play on August 13, you can go to or call the box office at 207-879-9500.

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