Businesses are doing what they can to stay in business...safely.


Harbor Fish is a staple of the working Portland waterfront. This place is heaven for lovers of seafood and Maine. They've been at this for decades. You can always tell the tourists from the Mainers by how they handle the tight parking. They've got the most knowledgeable staff anywhere, who get a real kick out of helping people plan their next seafood meal. Right behind them, you can see how they process everything. They are super picky about what they buy, cut, and sell. It's been hard adjusting to how things are done in a coronavirus world. That's why they are so excited to have a new order window!

You order at the new window, then wait in your car. They'll get it all packaged up and bring it to you. They have new item boards, with tons of options for seafoods and even some of thing things Harbor offers that you've missed.

They just want a little patience and a face mask when you order. Their hours are 4th of July 8-2 curbside & window, Tues-Sat 9-5 for curbside, window and delivery and Sun 9-4 for curbside only. They are closed on Mondays. And get there by 430, because that's the time for the last window order.



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