We now live in a world where for $99 or less, you can get a video camera for your home and business that records whenever it sees motion, and will save videos online for you to review.

I love my Nest cam. It never has captured any illegal activity, but it sees deer and other wildlife strolling through our yard, as well as people arriving in the driveway (including deliveries) to the house of things we ordered online or propane for heat.

Jeff Parsons - Townsquare Media
Jeff Parsons - Townsquare Media

You would think that criminals who plan to break into retail stores or do property damage would realize that in the 21st century, there are cameras everywhere. They will see you, and no matter how hard you try, police (often with the help of social media), will be able to identify you.

Two such people either didn't think or didn't care that they were captured on camera busting out a window at the Family Dollar in Waterboro.

The York County Sheriff's Office released surveillance video on Facebook showing two people walking up to the front door of Family Dollar. One of them takes what looks like a crowbar and smashes a window. Suspect number two looks like he wanted nothing to do with it, and bolted as soon as the window was smashed.

There's no audio from the camera in this video. What you hear are the sounds of the room as the video is being watched and recorded on someone's phone.

This second photo shared shows them both taking off, and both appear to be wearing ski masks. For the weather we were having, it seemed appropriate, but clearly, that's not why they were wearing them.

If you have any information about these two, please contact Deputy Levi Johnson at the York County Sheriff's Office at lpjohnson@yorkcountymaine.gov.

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