Mainers are resilient, selfless, and hilarious.

As a state, we've been through a lot in the last six months. From a horrific shooting in Lewiston (which brought us together even more), to the entire coast flooding into local businesses and neighborhoods in just one day. Some very historical building have washed away this past weekend, and while it's extremely sad, Mainer's did what we do best: create something lighthearted out of the negativity.

As Portland reached a record high tide this past Saturday (clocking in at 14.57 feet), Commercial Street's wharf/piers continued to flood. Now, it seems canoes and rafts have become the new vehicle of choice for the commute to work.

Have you seen these dudes going viral, paddling around the parking lot of their business?

There's nothing I love more than humor in a situation you can't control. Shoutout to Harbor Fish Market for reminding us not to take life too seriously when it doesn't go exactly as planned.

It gets better. Somebody hire Maine's newest newscasters:

The best part? They're still working. The canoe life isn't just for show. The boys were making special deliveries as far as they could row.

This is why we're proud to be Mainers with humor and resilience like this. Good work, Harbor Fish Market! These awesome dudes also donated a ton of their company's cans a few months ago to our Cans For A Cure fundraiser to fight breast cancer. I'll never forget them running out to tell me they saved their cans for the cause. I remember thinking how genuinely awesome they were for it. Thanks guys!!

P.S. Here's more coverage of this iconic day in Portland:

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