The Yard in Portland has gone through quite the roller coaster in 2020. From a complete rebrand to surviving lockdown, and now adjusting to life with new food, new faces, and new rules.

Like with anything there are growing pains and The Yard recognizes that. They want to make sure guests of the establishment are having the best experience possible so they're going to be closed Tuesday through Thursday next week to focus on training staff. Probably not the easiest decision to make after being closed for so long due to COVID, but a decision that I personally think should be applauded.

They also want feedback from the public since the only way to get better is to recognize their weak spots. To do that, they're offering an amazing opportunity. Come in for dinner and it's on the house.

There are certain day and time parameters so they are asking those who are interested to DM them and set up a date. All they ask in return is constructive criticism. Sounds like a great deal! And what better way to improve? They're only doing this for the first 100 people who sign up, so message them soon!

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