Hurricane Sally's rain is not hitting Maine, which is causing a severe drought in the western part of the state. New Hampshire people are worried that with the drought, things like that are happening in California could happen here, which is a valid concern. However, according to News Channel, 8 WMTW hurricane teddy could impact mean as early as next week right now, it is a category one storm, and it is on the path to hit Nova Scotia and New Brunswick and could very well hit me.


Hurricane Teddy bears watching over the next few days.

Posted by WMTW-TV on Thursday, 17 September 2020

Teddy could very well hit a connection that will bring the category three hurricane out to the sea, but we're looking at a direct hit if that connection misses. This would be the first storm to hit Maine head-on since 1991's hurricane Bob. Since then, there have been adverse effects from Hurricanes Irene and Sandy.

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With much of the South still cleaning up from Hurricane Renee and now dealing with hurricane Sally and the wildfires out West, this would stretch federal resources thin in dealing with disaster recovery. As a mainer, are you prepared for a hurricane? What do you have in case a storm hits to get you through time without power?

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