The University of Maine system is looking to possibly increase tuition 2.5 percent for in-state students this academic year. The change is being evaluated because of inflation and expenses from COVID 19. They are also looking to upgrade technology which will allow them to have better tools for "academic flexibility." CBS 13 says The board of trustees is looking to vote on this next Friday.

This is the third time in 3 years the University system has looked to increase tuition for in-state students based on the rate of inflation.


Other schools in northern New England are struggling financially and have close because of inflation and tuition increases to the point where students either transferred or the school could not pay its bills.


As you can imagine, students are not pleased. I graduated in the mid-00s, and I still have $17,000 in student loans; think about what the average student is paying today? Pandemic aside inflation aside, what will it take to get the cost of higher education down to a more reasonable rate for the cost versus benefit purposes?

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